AP Text Patch Mem SynthEdit

Patch Mems To Always Convert to Gui Text Pin Value

Patch Mems To WorkAround StartUp Text_Patch_Mem Bug

Patch Mems To WorkAround DSP Output For Startup

It should be noted that this is only a temporary fix until a much better fix is available.
Also, this patch will NOT convert the value of Mems back to Patch after a patch change.
This is a known issue with the current version of SynthEdit.

***NOTE: The AP Text Patch Mem module also has an LED feedback pin.
Connect to the DSP out and set the LED color on this module to the color of your choice.
This will prevent the LED from blinking on/off during the patch changes.

Ex: If you connect the DSP out pin on the synthEdit module to the LED it could look like this.

Blue LED Blinking Because of the startup text_patch_mem bug.

Connecting the LED feedback pin to the DSP out will disable the blinking.

This patch applies this new modifier to the existing SE Text Patch Mem Gui Text Pin.

If you prefer the correct behavior for a workaround, you can apply the modifier to the text_patch_mem pin directly and then use the DSP output on the synthEdit module.
You can apply this modifier by changing the modifier on the synthEdit module’s DSP output.


If you use the “Patch to DSP” modifier you can use the property tab to change the new synthEdit’s DSP output to be:

“Selected Text Patch Mems To Work Around Startup”

To do this you simply select the “Patch to DSP” property and then click on the “Selected Text Patch Mems to Work Around Startup” property.

If you are having problems with the patch working around the text_patch_mem bug, and prefer the correct behavior, you can also do this:


This is the exact same thing you would be using the “Patch to DSP” modifier.
You simply select the “Selected Text Patch Mems to Work Around Startup” property and then click on the “Patch to DSP” property.

***NOTE: Modifiers are applied to the first modifier found on an element, so it is the first modifier on the 384a16bd22

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