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Chatter is a chat-only application that doesn’t do anything else. It can be used in conjunction with Vypress Chat to set up a chat-only area of your site. The application will take care of most of the functionality of a chat area automatically. However, it doesn’t handle some cases, such as handling banner ads in a chat area. The application is very easy to configure and can be downloaded and installed locally by anyone.

Chatter requires Java to function properly, which means it won’t work without a Java runtime environment installed on the target system. Also, the application will require a full web server on the machine running Chatter. For users wanting to run a standalone copy of the application, we suggest downloading a Java Runtime Environment and manually installing the Chatter software.

The purpose of this project is to create a chat system that can be used with applications to provide a similar communication interface to other applications. The goal of the system is to provide a quick and easy way for web developers to provide a much more functional chat interface to their web applications. In addition to providing a fully functional chat interface, the system should also provide a mechanism for users to track messages between a group of users.

Create a library that can be used in any C++ application to provide messaging functionality.

Extension Manager is a simple tool that allows you to easily change and extend the Vypress Chat’s functionality.
The extension manager is highly integrated with the Vypress Chat, which means that it can be used with Vypress Chat automatically.

Extension Manager Description:
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This is a simple application that provides Vypress Chat users with an easy method of downloading or uploading images. The purpose of this application is to provide an easy way to share images with other users.
The application provides a simple interface for users to select the images to upload or download, and can easily be used in conjunction with many of the Vypress Chat’s image management tools.

Vypress Mails is a simple application that allows users to easily view and send mails via POP3/IMAP from Vypress Chat.
Because the application is built using Java, it can be downloaded and installed locally. Once installed, the application requires that the Vypress Chat Java API be installed and available for the application to function properly.

Vypress Mails Description:
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Image to PDF Converter Free
PC Tools Performance Toolkit
Basic French Word List
Modest Web Surfing
Real-Time Iris Identification
Easy FLV Player
Big Simple Talking Calculator
My Wave Maximizer
Mars 3D Space Survey Screensaver
Eisenhower Tasks
Easy2Sync for Outlook
Audioro Xbox 360 Converter
APFT Calculator
Microsoft Surface SDK Workstation Edition
depthmapX (formerly UCL Depthmap)

key.menu.languages.dropdown.tooltip=Copy selected language
key.menu.languages.dropdown.title=Choose a language
key.menu.languages.item.close=Close sub-menu
key.menu.languages.item.copy=Copy selected language
key.menu.languages.item.edit=Edit selected language
key.menu.languages.item.expand=Expand sub-menu
key.menu.languages.item.hide=Hide selected language
key.menu.languages.item.lock=Lock selected language
key.menu.languages.item.move=Move selected language
key.menu.languages.item.new=New sub-menu
key.menu.languages.item.open=Open sub-menu
key.menu.languages.item.paste=Paste selected language
key.menu.languages.item.replace=Replace selected language
key.menu.languages.item.rotate=Rotate selected language
key.menu.languages.item.select=Select selected language
key.menu.languages.item.show=Show selected language
key.menu.languages.item.toggle=Toggle selected language
key.menu.languages.moveUp=Move selected language up
key.menu.languages.moveDown=Move selected language down
key.menu.languages.remove=Remove selected language
key.menu.languages.toggleHide=Toggle hide/show selected language
key.menu.languages.toggleLock=Toggle lock/unlock selected language
key.menu.languages.toggleShowHide=Toggle show/hide selected language
key.menu.languages.update=Update selected language
key.menu.languages.unlock=Unlock selected language
key.menu.options.dropdown.title=Choose an action
key.menu.options.move.up=Move selected action up
key.menu.options.move.down=Move selected action down
key.menu.options.remove=Remove selected action
key.menu.options.select.none=Do nothing
key.menu.options.select.all=Select all
key.menu.options.showHide.select=Toggle show/hide selected action


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